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Sisters of Stature

Abundant Faith Christian Center

“Sisters of Stature”

…a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

Proverbs 31:30


The founder of the Abundant Faith’s “Sisters of Stature” is LeAnn West, First Lady of the Abundant Faith Christian Center.

Women’s Ministry Leadership:

Under the structure and leadership of First Lady West will assist in the spiritual teaching and organization of the Women’s Ministry. Sis. Angela Powell will provide counseling and motivational training.  

Mission Statement

“Sisters of Stature” is a ministry within the Abundant Faith Christian Center, which will cater to the spiritual needs of the women. We will focus on…

  • Encouraging our women to place their trust in the Lord.
  • Execute the ability to overcome strongholds through Spiritual teachings.
  • Focus on building-up the self-esteem of the women in the church, to view themselves in a positive image.
  • Develop and encourage a personal relationship with the Lord through prayer, fasting and staying in his presence.
  • Develop a positive sisterhood within the church, for healthy and lasting relationships.

Purpose Statement:

Our purpose is to ensure a trusting atmosphere for spiritual growth, discussing life concerns, and personal goals in a secure, confidential sisterhood circle. This Women’s Ministry will equip our women with the proper tools to empower them to fulfill their true God given purpose in life.

Vision Statement

The vision for the “Sisters of Stature” is to support and encourage spiritual development, not to be exclusive or judgmental. We will build up and minister to one another through teaching and fellowship that will bring Glory and Honor to God!


Friendship, Openness, Respect

Unity, Support


The official colors for the Women’s Ministry will be PURPLE and IVORY. The women of Abundant Faith are strong, successful, beautiful praying soldiers for the highest King. In the bible Purple represent Royalty and Ivory represent Beauty. Both are attributes of the “Sisters of Stature”.


The “Sisters of Stature” will meet once every month on the 3rd (third) Wednesday. The location of the meeting will be at the Abundant Faith Christian Center at 2725 Wilson Rd. There will be a (1) one hour session held for the empowerment of women at approximately-7:00 to 8:00p.m.


The agenda is as follows:

  • Opening prayer (5mins)
  • Spiritual lecture (30mins)
  • Open Forum (20mins)
  • Closing prayer and/or prayer request (5mins)


All women who are members of the Abundant Faith Christian Center will be issued an official “Sisters of Stature” shirt upon membership to the church. First Lady West is requesting that the official shirt be worn at each meeting to symbolize unity as well as a visual that each woman is in alignment with the mission and purpose of the Women’s Ministry.

Etiquette: Faith comes by hearing the word of God…Romans 10:17

Come with an open mind and an open heart

Always begin by being an active listener

Be prayerful and led by the spirit in your response


The “Sisters of Stature” are tasked with inviting one female visitor to each session. The First Lady Motto: If you are being blessed, share that blessing and invite someone to worship with you. 

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